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"My art is my way of responding to the spirit that rolls through all things, and answer to my passion for wild, unspoiled places"
Victoria Orr Ewing
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About Victoria

Victoria Orr Ewing (b.1962) is a contemporary British landscape painter. She is best known for her large scale paintings of uncultivated wilderness where weather and nature dominate. 

She lived and painted in Andalucia for sixteen years, drawn to its wild landscapes and changing light. On her return to Britain this emphasis remained in her art, emboldened by the dark, complex hues of Scotland’s weather.

"I am landscape painter, primarily of wild and uncultivated places which I find a source of both artistic and spiritual inspiration. The raw beauty and unspoiled nature of these landscapes speak to me on a deep, almost primal level. I find myself continually drawn to their rugged terrain, dramatic weather and untamed energy. They offer a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves, a higher power that is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

I begin with  going on site and painting quick watercolour sketches, often in winter. Bad weather can be more provoking than sunny weather. My aim is to capture the ethereal quality of the air enveloping the landscape, where the horizons are hazy and the light soft and fleeting. In the mist and rain you can see the air. I try to touch on the maybe, without spelling it out too much.

Back in my studio I make small oil studies, partly from the sketches and partly from my memory. Attempting to express the mystery of the place. These studies serve as a bridge between the initial on-site experience and the larger paintings that follow.

My paintings are a meditation on and a deep appreciation of the natural world. I seek out landscapes that scare me a little, to evoke feelings of mans vulnerability in the face of the vastness of nature.

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