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"My art is my way of responding to the spirit that rolls through all things, and answer to my passion for wild, unspoiled places"
Victoria Orr Ewing
Victoria Orr Ewing's recent work 2022

Recent work 2022

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness. Kevis House Gallery, Petworth.
Victoria Orr Ewing's Recent Work

New work 2023

Coming Soon. "Paintings From The Moor". View online and a selection at Kevis House Gallery, Petworth from 19th October 2023

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About Victoria

Victoria Orr Ewing (b.1962) is a contemporary British landscape painter. She is best known for her large scale paintings of uncultivated wilderness where weather and nature dominate. 

She lived and painted in Andalucia for sixteen years, drawn to its wild landscapes and changing light. On her return to Britain this emphasis remained in her art, emboldened by the dark, complex hues of Scotland’s weather.

Orr Ewing works from sketches done in front of the subject and often finished from memory. In her two recent solo exhibitions at The Fine Art Society, we see remote crofts and unsullied vistas of the Outer Hebrides and west coast of Scotland. Luminescent skies dwarf empty land and seascapes. The glowing machair and heather clad hillsides inject colour into otherwise dream like scenes. 

Far from urban life, they invite you to escape a highly stimulated world and meditate in nature’s power.

“My art is my way of responding to the spirit that rolls through all things, and answer to my passion for wild, unspoiled places. I am fascinated by the mysterious way paint expresses the inexplicable. Atmosphere and light are crucial to the impact of my landscape paintings. Although inspired by a geographical place, I want to express the universal essence of landscape with just enough to let the beholder form their interpretation, A solitary house, an isolated road or seemingly futile fence referencing a sense of our ephemerality in the face of nature's enduring vastness.”

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