Back Catalogue Of Landscape Paintings


Past Collections of Victoria Orr Ewing

A selection of past collections of Victoria’s paintings and drawings. These include landscapes of Great Britain, Europe, Asia and Morocco. Still lives of her earlier career and selected commissions.

Oil Sketch Of A Dull Dawn, Glenforsa, Mull

En Plein Air

View From Arisaig House. Commissioned landscape Oil Painting By Victoria Orr Ewing


Tarifa Beach 3, Sea Mist. Landscape Oil Painting By Victoria Orr Ewing

Atelier Gallery

Mount Bromo, Java.Charcoal Drawing oby Victoria Orr Ewing

Early Work On paper

Tarifa Beach 3, Sea Mist. Landscape Oil Painting By Victoria Orr Ewing

Organic Still Lives

Tarifa Beach 3, Sea Mist. Landscape Oil Painting By Victoria Orr Ewing


A love of the natural environment continues to be a recurring theme of Victoria’s work. Nurtured during a childhood by the wilderness of the coast and the moors of  The Mull of Galloway in South West Scotland. You see this influence from the Still Lives of the her earlier career to the extensive landscapes of her present work.

After Graduating The City & Guilds Of London Art School, Victoria travelled several times to Asia, painting the landscape and the people, exhibiting on her return.  Having settled a short time in Morocco, she returned to Britain, living in Scotland and then in Somerset. During this time her work focused on pieces of nature, amplifying them; often to the point of abstraction. The pieces encourage the eye to wonder around the magnificent forms. texture and colour of familiar images such as shells, plants, butterfly wings and fossils, yet present them in an unfamiliar & challenging way.

In 2000 Victoria moved to Southern Spain. The expansive landscapes of Spain have inspired her to look at detail, form and light in a way that was new to her work. The close up observation has gave way to uncovering similar patterns and relationships on a grander scale; the layering effect of extensive landscape, the contrast of light, texture and shape of the near and far. The connectivity and flow of the land is often punctuated by specific, sometimes, unlikely form and angle. 

In 2016 Victoria moved back to UK and now lives in rural Gloucestershire. She continues to be inspired by landscape in its most pristine and primeval form. She has made several expeditions to The West Coast of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands. We see in her work Moorland and Machair Grasses of hues of green with copper and gold highlighted by a shard of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Unlikely turquoise sea intensified by dark brooding skies. The presence of a  solitary house, an isolated road or seemingly futile fence evokes feelings of vulnerability in the face of Nature’s vastness.

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