Light Between The Mists, Luskentyre.

Light Between The Mists, Luskentyre.

Light Between The Mists On Luskentyre Beach. Harris
97 x 130 cm. Oil on canvas

Painting details

  • Dimensions: 97 x 130 cm
  • Materials: Oil on canvas, framed in Oak floating frame.

Landscape Oil Painting Of The Light Between The Mists On Luskentyre, The Western Isles, Scotland

Driving West over the hills in the Southern part of The Isle of Harris in the Western Isles of Scotland, you are confronted by the breathtaking landscape of Luskentyre. A huge inlet of white shell sand beach with a river flowing into it from the rugged mountainous land surrounding it. The river falls into a loch at the foot of the inlet, then flows out onto the beach, meandering through the sand, tracking whatever course it wants on it’s route to the sea. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. When the tide is at the lowest it must be over a mile to the sea. In the Autumn weather, fleeting patches of sunlight highlight parts of the sand and water through the mist and rain. The image is , ever changing. There are so many horizontal lines I decided to make this painting in portrait format to counter balance the composition with some verticals. It is painted in the studio after making an oil sketch from high above the beach, referring more to the memory of the place rather than the actual geography.

This painting has been completely reworked since I exhibited it in my exhibition “The Light Between”. I knew I could make it much more expressive of the emotional feeling of seeing Luskentyre through the mists of The Isle of Harris. This is why Iit is included in Studio Collections