Light on The Loch, A Still Place

LIGHT ON THE LOCH No 1. Oil on canvas. 73 x 100 cm
73 x 100 cm - Oil on canvas

Painting details

  • Dimensions: 73 x 100 cm
  • Materials: Oil on canvas

Landscape Oil Painting of The Light On The Loch, A Still Place

Light On The Loch, A Still Place, is a contemplation of the water, surrounding vegetation and the light. It is painted from my memory of the sensation of meditating beside the loch where I grow up. With the paintings that come from my imagination after spending time in a place, I would like the viewer to interpret what they see for themselves. They focus on the psychological response to the experience of being in a place, where the detail of landscape is left to the viewers interpretation. It is very personal, not only because they are about a place that has importance to me but also mark a change in the direction of my work.

This was the first painting I made in my studio after a visit to my childhood home in The Mull of Galloway. I was given a gift of a place on the course Workshops In Wild Places taught by an inspired teacher, Janice Mason Steeves. The specification for this course is; In these unique, innovative workshops, students travel to remote locations throughout the world to connect with the beauty, energy and power of the wild landscape and then – through a facilitated contemplative and creative process – translate that response into abstract paintings.

This course was a great influence on my work, It helped me transition from a figurative approach to the landscape to a more abstracted one, The eye sees more when it is told what not to see.

Light On The Loch, Scotland is inspired by a small painting I made during the course “Light behind The Loch” which can be seen in Studio collections – It was early Autumn and the trees were starting to turn, there is a hazy light reflecting on the still waters of the loch.