Sunrise between Corodale and Mhor on South Uist

Work on Paper

Studio Collection - Work On Paper

A collection of original paintings on paper available direct from Victoria’s studio. An ever-changing collection of pieces. 

Studio Collection - Work on paper, is an ever-changing collection of work. I like to experiment with different mediums on paper. After sketching and observing a place, I work from my imagination whilst holding the memory of the experience of painting in the landscape. This step allows me to remove myself from the detail and concentrate on the emotional response to it. Working on paper can be liberating, there seems there is less pressure to make a painting work which leads me to a freer way of expressing myself.

 Some of the pieces are imagined from the start, inspired from my observation of light on different landscapes all over the world. Others come from the memory of a particular place or after sketching somewhere. This is a new method of working for me and not having long stretches of uninterrupted time in the studio just now, I am finding these quicker pieces on paper a rewarding way to work.

Although I am inspired by a geographical place, I would like to convey the universal essence of a particular landscape with just enough information to allow the viewer form their own interpretation. . 

If you’d like to arrange a private view at my studio near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, I’d love to hear from you. If you are interested in receiving a price list please get in touch and request one. Prices range from £350 - £2000. Framing can be organised if desired.

To enquire about any of the paintings by Victoria Orr Ewing in Work on Paper Collection, please contact Victoria by clicking the button below and completing the enquiry form.