Evening Light Between Mealisval and Mangersta, Isle of Lewis.

Evening Light Between Mealisval and Mangersta, Isle of Lewis
130 x 89 cm - Oil on canvas

Painting Details

  • Dimensions: 146 x 97 cm
  • Materials: Oil on canvas, framed in oak.

Landscape Painting of Evening Light Between Mealisval and Mangersta, Isle of Lewis. Scotland

The Isle Of Lewis is the most northerly of The Outer Hebrides Islands in Scotland. I arrived by ferry from The Isle of Skye. It was very uncertain the boat would depart due to impending “Storm Lorenzo” in Autumn 2019. The first place I stayed was Mangersta on the Uig peninsular. My accommodation was  a tiny shepherd hut, not much room for me and my 2 dogs and a little temporary studio. I spent a few days driving around the area in the wind and rain unable to get out and do much painting.

Evening Light Between Mealisval And Mangersta is a large scale oil painting which was painted from an oil sketch made the first moment the sky began to clear. A rose coloured evening light came in from the sea and I could see Mealisval, the islands biggest mountain for the first time. Mangersta beach in the right of the painting helps give the perception of the distance between the mountains and the sea.

I made the sketch from just behind my shepherds hut. It was a relief to finally get out and do some work. I wanted to keep out the detail and capture the rosey  fleeting light on the moors and the hazy horizon with the mountains just visible. I want to convey the vastness of the empty rugged moorland, how it gives feelings of our ephemerality in the face of natures vastness. Being totally alone, far from urban life, can be an exhilarating experience, feeling small yet, a part of nature.