The Light Between Benbecula & North Uist No 1

The Light Between Benbecula & North Uist No 1

The Light Between Benbecula and South Uist In The Western Isles
130 x 89 cm - Oil on canvas

Painting details

  • Dimensions: 130 x 89 cm
  • Materials: Oil on canvas, framed in Oak floating frame.

Landscape Oil Painting Of The Light Between Benbecula & North Uist, Outer hebrides.

The Islands of Uist in The Outer Hebrides are islands that you could walk between when the tide is low and when the tide is high, they become islands again. In the present time stone causeways connect them. The areas between these islands are fascinating, they change so much with the tide and weather. The ebbing tide reveals immense areas of white sand, dotted with rocky islets and rivers of water, the edge of the sea being well over a mile away. The flood tide gave a completely different scene with the shallow sea coming right up to the stone causeway, the white sand below making it an unlikely turquoise in some lights.

This painting was the result of an oil sketch done from the middle of the causeway, watching the tide come in. The late afternoon light was catching the sand dune at the furthest end of the beach where the sea was starting to flood in. This landscape and the light changed so fast that I barely had 40 minutes to work before it was too different and I was too cold to continue. The visual thing that struck me continuously, whilst moving between these islands was the light between them, in all it’s atmospheres and tides.