The Light Between Benbecula & South Uist

The Light Between Benbecula & South Uist

The Light Between Benbecula and South Uist In The Western Isles
50 x 76 cm. Oil on canvas

Painting details

  • Dimensions: 50 x 76 cm
  • Materials: Oil on canvas, framed in Oak floating frame.

Landscape Oil Painting Of The Light Between Uist Islands At High Tide, The Western Isles

The spaces between the islands of Uist in the Outer Hebrides are captivating. They change with every tide, twice every day. They change with the weather and look completely different. This day the light was so soft and warm despite the rain, so light it was not even rain, just a wet mist in the air. The light from the sun was coming through it from behind the mountains of South Uist. The sea appeared turquoise above the white sands contrasting with the dark causeway and rocks.

It reminded me of a Japanese painting. I made a sketch which is also featured in this collection “The Light Between Islands, Benbecula”. It might be my most successful sketch of my Outer hebrides expedition. This painting is made from that sketch, it is hard to transfer the energy of a successful sketch done in front of the subject into the studio painting. I liked the sketch so much that i may have copied it to directly. Let me know what you think.