The Old Church At Timsgearraidh, Lewis

The Old Church At Timsgearraidh, Lewis

The Old Church At Timsgearraidh On The Isle Of Lewis
40.5 x 30.5 cm - Oil on board

Painting Details

  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 30.5 cm
  • Materials: Oil on board, framed in Oak floating frame

Landscape Plein Air Painting of The Old Church At Timsgearraidh, Isle of Lewis In The Outer Hebrides

The Old Church at Timsgearraidh on Lewis, the Outer Hebrides, sits above Uig Sands with a magnificent view of the mountains beyond. A very commanding position. Painting it from behind with the rutted moorland in front of it was the best way of conveying this. I arrived on Lewis on the last boat before the crossing was closed because of Storm Lorenzo. In the days I was there, there was an phenomenal amount of tempestuous weather. En Plein Air painting was tough in these conditions. Battling the elements and painting between the rain storms.

Some accounts have a church or chapel at Baile na Cille for a thousand years. In 2011 Baile na Cille was purchased and passes into private custodianship. Permission was subsequently granted to convert Baile na Cille into a home. What an breathtaking place to make a home but, this does not seem to have happened. The church is not a ruin but looks like it would need some work to make it habitable. It is the location that gives it grandeur, looking across the moor, Uig bay and the mountains there is a sense of legends of ancient times which is intensified by the stormy skies.