The Misty Peaks of Glencoe. Landscape Painting by Victoria Orr Ewing

Early work on paper

Early Work On Paper

Before moving to Spain, Victoria had a  peripatetic life, travelling and living in many parts of the globe. When inspired to make larger pieces, working on paper is much transportable support. Early work on paper is a selected collection of  her drawings and paintings from this time.

Captivated by the Volcanoes of Indonesia, it is hard to capture their grandeur small scale. She made several large charcoal drawings from the experience of being there, imagining them from above.

In Marrakesh, Victoria found the Spice Market a fascinating source of  inspiration. The Apothecary stalls where full of strange objects and bright mounds of Spice. They sold the most extraordinary things for all sorts of ailments including charms to find a partner. Moroccan Love Charms consists of a salted Chameleon, a Rabbit's ear, a Foxes paw and some magpie feathers. The Apothecary takes a small piece of each and puts it into an amulet to tie around the clients neck!

In the Sahara, Victoria wanted to make large drawings of the Desert but only had her sketchbook and small set of watercolours. Undeterred and finding some large paper to buy. She then  gathered the red earth, bought for some Indigo powder which is the most sed dye in the Sahara. Lastly, she went to the man selling charcoal for cooking fires, there she very carefully selected a few pieces to meet her needs. He was extremely surprised at the care this customer took in their selection, he was not to know the use they would be put to. Black and Red Dessert #1 was one of the resultant pieces.