After the rain, Lomo del Moro. Light on Andalucia. Contemporary landscape painting by Victoria Orr Ewing

Light On Andalucia

Panter & Hall, London

Landscape Paintings of Andalucia, Spain.

In 2001 Victoria bought a piece of land in Southern Spain on the slopes of Europe’s most southerly mountain.  She built a house and studio overlooking the rugged  mountainous landscape with views through the valley to the Mediterranean and over to Morocco. 

Growing up in a remote part of Scotland, Victoria always had a desire to see the rest of the  world. After graduating from Art school she travelled extensively, working, painting and taking on commissions in many different countries. 

Whilst visiting Spain, she fell under the spell of Andalucia’s wild, natural landscape, the sea views, sunshine and light. In 2001 she bought some land on the side of a mountain where she built a house and studio and settled there. Living in front of one of the most dramatic views in Europe, she became interested in the rugged Andalucian landscape and the phenomena of the elements acting upon it. Victoria has exhibited work, Inspired by these wilderness  landscapes, firstly in Spain and now in London with Panter & Hall Gallery.

My home is on the slope of a mountain seven hundred metres above sea level.  My present inspiration is the mountains and beaches of southern Andalusia. These paintings are about light and atmosphere, not just the physical landscape, but how the circumstances of the moment, light, weather and time of day affect my vision of it.

When the clouds are below the horizon and a small patch of sunlight breaks through a dark and moody sky to touch the mountainside; a fire burning in a valley of green, or a sea glittering between a dark sky and a still unlit land,  I invite you to escape to this wild and natural landscape, to capture a quiet feeling of space and wonder at nature’s power. 

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