Tarifa Beach 3, Sea Mist. Landscape Oil Painting By Victoria Orr Ewing


Atelier Gallery, Gaucin, Malaga

Landscape Paintings of Andalucia

In 2001 Victoria bought a piece of land in Southern Spain on the slopes of Europe’s most southerly mountain.  She built a house and studio overlooking the rugged  mountainous landscape with views through the valley to the Mediterranean and over to Morocco. This was the first collection to be painted in her new studio. The featured image, "Sea Mist, Tarifa Beach" was to win 1st prize in the 33rd Gibraltar international Art competition.

Living in front of one of the most dramatic views in Europe, Victoria became interested in the landscape and the phenomena of the elements acting upon it. 

"My home is on the slope of a mountain seven hundred metres above sea level.  My present inspiration is the mountains and beaches of southern Andalusia. These paintings are are as much about light and atmosphere as they are about the physical landscape. How the circumstances of the moment, light, weather and time of day affect my vision of it".