En Plein Air Landscape Paintings By Victoria Orr Ewing

En Plein Air

En Plein Air Landscape Paintings By Victoria Orr Ewing

 A selected collection of En Plein Air paintings from various expeditions. Painted directly in front of the landscape captured outdoors, whatever the weather. 

En Plein Air - "My process normally starts with sketches made directly in front of the subject.  Sometimes very quick sketches in my sketchbook and other times and more time consuming in oil. There is a distinct energy expressed in a painting that is particular to working out doors, one that I attempt  to retain in my studio pieces".

Not all these plein air works will be transformed into larger studio paintings, but sometimes made for the sheer joy of painting En Plein Air. Victoria often finds herself battling the elements to capture the changing light affected by the wind, stirred clouds and stormy skies.

These plein air works can be a step in the process, or a complete one-off.  Normally painted oil on board but, also  watercolour on paper, mixed media and acrylic.

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